The Grabill area is the home of Allen County's Amish settlement; the
first arriving in 1852. Grabill began as a Mennonite community which
had its roots in the Anabaptist movement after Luther's European
Reformation. The Amish are probably the most conservative group
to have come out of those beginnings. They came to America in search
of religious freedom and a new land in which to grow. The Amish are
God-fearing, hard working, peace loving, Bible-believing people who
put their religion into practice each and every day in all that they do.
They truly strive to apply the words of Christ, to "have love for one
John 13:35
To most "English" (the name given by the Amish for all non Amish),
their ways are strange and unique. However, they can give you their
reasons for dressing as they do, driving a horse and buggy, living
without electricity, and other ways that make them stand out from
The biggest difference that you will notice about the Amish of Grabiil
is that their buggys are not enclosed like the ones in Pennsylvania or
Ohio. In recent years, they have gone more away from the farm setting
and into other markets. Some have gone into manufacturing of
cabinetry and countertops, while others have gone into some retailing
and distribution.
We ask that you are cautious
of the buggys in Grabill as they
travel much slower than cars.
We also request that you not
ask the Amish to pose for
pictures due to their beliefs.